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TLC HEALTH - ASTRAGALOSIDE IV is 99.3% Purely Active and most likely is the Strongest, Most Effective Telomere Enhancement Supplement In The World. - When you add TLC HEALTH Purely Active ASTRAGALOSIDE IV to your nutritional program, You are potentially giving Yourself time to live longer and enjoy BETTER SEX, which is absolutely spectacular and truly priceless.

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes, which house our genomes. In young humans, telomeres are about 8,000-10,000 nucleotides long. They shorten with each cell division, however, and when they reach a critical length the cell stops dividing or dies.

If You are serious about Anti Aging, You Must Have This Product.

It has been asked that if TLC HEALTH ASTRAGALOSIDE IV® is effective in lengthening telomeres by telomerase activation- and if it is extracted from the herb astragalus, then surely consuming astragalus will have the same or similar effects? Unfortunately there is no evidence to suggest this.

The astragalus in TLC HEALTH ASTRAGALOSIDE IV® is sourced at monitored and approved farms and is then analyzed in an FDA approved laboratory to ensure a minimum of 99% purity, this process is kept proprietary. Under tight quality control conditions all according to ISO and cGMP standards.

Therefore, TLC HEALTH ASTRAGALOSIDE IV® can guarantee its label claims and is the best product currently tested and proven to active telomerase and induce lengthening of telomeres.

Currently only TLC HEALTH ASTRAGALOSIDE IV® can substantiate its right to be the WORLD'S BEST proven telomerase activator that is commercially available today. Compare ingredients and purity for facts.

* ASTRAGALOSIDE IV is a molecule isolated from various species in the genus Astragalus that is purported to have telomerase activation activity.
* A single in vitro study done led to claims that Astragaloside IV may activate telomerase, leading to controversial claims for its role in reducing the effects of aging.
Buy With Confidence:
* Astragaloside IV is a saponin derived from Astralagus root, a tonic that has been widely used in Asia for thousand years. Researchers from UCLA found the extracts from Astragalus such as Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV can boost production of telomerase.
* TLC HEALTH® is a professional Health Supplement Provider and our products are tested by independent 3rd-party labs in US.
* Anti Aging
*Better Sex with More Intensity
* Restore Telomere Cellular Function
* Strengthen Your Immune System
* Better and Deeper Sleep
* Improve Vision
* Improve Vitality

Suggested Dosage:
Take 1-2 capsules every morning in an empty stomach, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.

Telomere Science
There are trillions of cells in our body and at any given time a great number are dividing furiously to keep us alive and well. The process is directed by genes sitting on the 23 pairs of chromosomes found in the nucleus of each and every cell. The chromosomes are long sequences of DNA that contain all our genetic material. Each pair of chromosomes consists of one from your mother and one from your father and they are twisted around each other to form a structure called the double helix.

Of particular interest to our scientists are the ends of each chromosome known as telomeres. Telomeres have no genetic function; they are simply stretches of DNA (repeats of base pairs) that protect the rest of the chromosome. These little bits of DNA are critical to healthy cell function and have been likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces because they prevent the chromosome from "fraying."

However, telomeres become progressively shorter each time the cell divides. When they get too short, cells reach replicative senescence and can no longer divide. The result can be the various conditions associated with old age.

Scientists have only recently begun to understand the critical importance of shortened telomeres. Research has shown that people over sixty who have long telomeres experience greater heart and immune system health than their age-matched counterparts with shorter telomeres. Thus, it is becoming well-understood that maintaining telomere length is preventing age-related decline.

The phenomenon of cellular aging was first noted by Professor Lenhard Hayflick in 1961. He discovered that cells cannot divide beyond a specific number of times. This is called the Hayflick Limit. Cells reaching this limit become old. Although Professor Hayflick discovered this important scientific principle, he had no idea what caused it.

It took almost thirty more years before the role telomeres play in cellular aging was finally understood. In 1990, Calvin Harley at McMaster University in Canada and Carol Greider at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the USA discovered that telomere shortening goes hand-in-hand with the aging process and is the direct cause of cells reaching the Hayflick Limit.

What is a Telomere?

· Telomere (tel-uh-meer) from the Greek telos (end) and meros (part)

· Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age.
· Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces.

Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job

Telomere Biology Gene

Telomeres protect the vital information in our DNA
DNA makes up all of the cells in our body. It is the genetic material that makes us who we are. And every organ in our body (skin, liver, heart, etc.) is made up of cells. So, telomeres are vital to our health.

Our cells replenish by copying themselves. This happens constantly throughout our lives. Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself, but the important DNA stays intact.

Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age and stop functioning properly. Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock in every cell.


Telomeres are shortened as we age, but telomeres can also be shortened by stress, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and a poor diet

Scientists know a lot about telomeres, and they continue to find new evidence about the role telomeres play in the aging process on a cellular level
The fact that telomeres protect our DNA was first observed in the 1930s.

Scientists made the link between telomeres and cellular aging nearly 30 years ago.

Research studies
In 2009, the Nobel Prize forPhysiology/Medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered how an enzyme called telomerase impacts telomere length.

A 2010 study from Harvard Medical School showed telomere shortening to be a root cause of cellular aging.

Today & tomorrow
There are more than 10,000 scientific articles published about telomeres.

An ever increasing number of scientists continue to study telomeres and the benefits of stopping or possibly reversing the telomere shortening that happens as we age.

There is scientific evidence that telomeres can be lengthened

An enzyme called telomerase can slow, stop or perhaps even reverse the telomere shortening that happens as we age. The amount of telomerase in our bodies declines as we age.

Telomerase maintains and may even lengthen telomeres. Exposing human cells to telomerase slows cell aging and allows cells to begin copying again and longer telomeres cause gene expression to change to a younger phenotype which makes cells function as though they were younger.

There are other things we can do that might help restore telomere length or at least slow the loss of telomere length: reduce stress, stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more and eat a healthier diet.

Exposing human cells to telomerase slows cell aging and allows cells to begin copying again.


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